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Atomic Betty Hentai Story: "Lonely Hearts – Chapter 2"

Lonely Hearts

Chapter 2: Planet Starlight

Atomic Betty’s Point of View

“If those planets want to be one kingdom why did they separate into two in the first place?” Sparky asked as we were on our way to planet Starlight. The mission seems oh too familiar. I’m sure we will be able to find some clues on planet Starlight and the investigation will progress from there. Maybe I was feeling a little overconfident, maybe that’s why I missed very important details in the entire investigation process.

By the time we landed X-5 was still telling Sparky exactly why the planet was divided into two kingdoms. He looked pretty bored and the truth is I’m bored by the history lesson also but I didn’t say anything. When we landed we were escorted by the royal guards to meet the king and queen of the west region, princess Nova’s parents. “Galactic Guardians, I’m so glad you’re here” The king said. To my surprise he looked like a human but had silver hair and eyes. “Find princess Nova, do anything you must just bring her back safely” During our short conversation I noticed the king was very worried about his daughter’s safety.

How ever the queen was another story. She also looked human, her hair and eyes were a light blue. “Bring her back quickly, people have already started to exchange theories and some say she ran away because she didn’t want to get married but that is not true. My daughter would give her life for our kingdom and I don’t want such things to be spoken of her” It looked as if she was more worried about the princess’s reputation than the princess herself.

Either way they were both counting on us to find her Continue reading

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Atomic Porn: Freedom – Chapter 1


Summary: (Atomic Betty) Betty only feels freedom when she’s in space. How far will she go to continue having a life of adventure? Will she even go against the Galactic Guardians?

In the solitude of her room she let the tears run down her face. Trying to cry as quietly as possible she pressed her face against her pillow to make sure no one heard. She had such a perfect life before and now it was all so hard. Balancing academics and being a Galactic Guardian while keeping it in secrecy wasn’t easy and it kept on getting harder. She had given up so much to be a Galactic Guardian and it was all so close to being taken away from her.

Her parents still didn’t know. Now seventeen, she had managed to keep the secret from them all those years and she knew she could continue to do so. The problem was that her contract as a Galactic Guardian would eventually end. Her mission when she first joined was to stop Maximus. Any other task was an additional thing but the specific intergalactic criminal she was assign to stop was Maximus IQ. Just like any other Galactic Guardian she would be commemorated and rewarded when her primary mission was complete and then her service to the Galactic Guardians would be over.

These days most of the other Galactic Guardians were much younger than her. They probably thought she was totally incompetent having taken so long to capture her assign criminal but the truth was that she didn’t want to let go. She didn’t want to return to a normal life on Earth.

Most past Galactic Guardians welcomed a normal life by the time they where in their early teen years. When she became fifteen she was faced with a hard choice. She had the chance to arrest Maximus but she just let him go. Letting him go would mean h Continue reading

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Atomic Betty meets Danny Phantom! And they have no other idea than have some sex!

Atomic Betty Nude

Atomic Betty personages get to it anew with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that cannot get enough of each other and for their sexual desires… This batch of wild porn toon Betty will get you and feel like hell and among those crackpot junkies enjoying themselves!… Here for you is a hot instance of savage lewd Atomic Betty sex that are poking an unfledged toon bitch one hottie and one nottie!!

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Atomic Betty loves to suck cocks while riding on someone’s dick!

atomic betty switching bodies

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Atomic Betty has growned up… and now her skirt is too short to hide her sexy ass!

atomic betty xxx

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Teen Titans Hentai

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Take a look at sweet Atomic Betty having sex

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Disney Porn hentaiPrepare to watch some Atomic Betty hentai you’ve never seen before… We are glad to see you at the comprehensive compilation of Atomic Betty toon adult art where the wildest sex endeavors find their vent. During hardcore vaginal pleasures Atomic Betty craves to be nailed in her anal right on the floor or pushing the hard stud down her fuck addicted cunt balls deep!

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Atomic Betty succesfully does a handjob

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Threesome atomic porn action

Well, here is some cool picture for you… Now lewd Betty girl of Atomic Betty chars take turn in working her boobz showing great boundless potential for being a dirty slut ;) Undoubtedly, Betty girl that is on top of action and has nothing against having two pairs of lips touch her sex addicted cunt enjoying serious ripping by other Atomic Betty characters ;)

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