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Atomic Betty Hentai Story: "Lonely Hearts – Chapter 1"

Lonely Hearts

Summary: On Earth Penelope witnesses Betty leaving on a mission. In space Atomic Betty must rescue a princess that hides a dark secret.

Chapter 1: The Mission

Atomic Betty’s Point of View

It’s just another day at school and it’s hard to imagine that soon this will be over. In just a few weeks I’ll graduate from high school. I must admit I’ll miss it but at the same time I’m happy. Granny helped me pick a college where I can have a more flexible schedule with enough time for the Galactic guardians and having friends. Lately it’s just been Galactic Guardians, academics with some family time squished in and hardly any time at all for friends. But that will all change soon. It’ll be great to be away for collage. I’ll still come to visit my parents on the weekends and Sparky and X-5 offered to teleport me to Granny’s house so I wouldn’t have to take the long drive. It might take a while for me to graduate if I take few classes so I have more free time but that’s ok, I’m not really in a hurry since this is just like extra credit for me. I already have my career, I’m a Galactic Guardian.

Penelope is being more insistent then ever. I notice as I walk by and see her holding on to Dylan’s arm for dear life. She’s going to pull his arm off if she keeps doing that. I feel sorry for him with that look of distress. I wonder if he’ll ever give in. I would help him, I want to help him but I can’t help it but to remember how he got fed up with my constant lateness and yelled at me at the pizza place where we were supposed to meet two hours earlier. Honestly I felt like digging a hole on the floor somehow and staying in there hidden forever. Sadly Pennelope was there and soon half the mall knew. I can’t blame him for being angry but he didn’t have to yell, I really didn’t expect it from him.

As I leave the school and walk home I look around in search of Noah but don’t see him anywhere. I wonder Continue reading

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Betty doesn’t like the fact that this green guy fucking her in space – everyone could see then there!

Atomic Betty Switching Bodies Fanfic

World’s famous Atomic Betty characters return once again with their new naughty ways in this blog fuck report. Let’s follow the lead of Atomic Betty hentai whore who is getting her cunt hammered off the curb after trying on some clothes in a shop a short while ago ;) Enjoy seeing those cutest characters from celebrated Betty cartoon getting nude and – you have never seen them this way! .

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Atomic Betty Porn

Atomic Betty Hentai

Atomic Betty Cartoon Sex

Atomic Betty Porn

Betty is sitting there wearing only her scouting shirt with legs spread and one knee up to show off her smooth pussy!
Betty is naked except for thigh-high stocking, and is sitting on Maximus’ lap as he shoots his load up her cunt
Betty has succesfully another one mission – this was not her first gangbang after all…
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Betty without her uniform on showing off her pussy and tits!

Atomic Betty Having Sex Videos

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Betty in bondage, spread eagle and naked in just boots… while Sparky is licking her thigh as Dominatrix in Blue Corset and whip, holds her throat!

Atomic Betty Hentai

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Atomic Betty

atomic betty xxx

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Atomic Betty growned up and needs a little sex practice with robot…

atomic betty switching bodies fanfic

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See how grey alien fucks Atomic Betty in her nice ass

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Anime Dickgirls hentai

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Betty is caught and is prepared to be fucked!

Prepare to see some Atomic Betty sex you’ll never see again… Atomic Betty hentai heroes organize an orgy late at night as fast as they can sucking one’s fingers in various positions. Ready with preludes Atomic Betty soon won’t be shy to work her body with big rod and ride it while taking off all clothes and willing to take her share of jaw-dropping terrible fucking.

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Betty plays with a dick

Hey guys… Today I start posting some exclusive Atomic Betty of Atomic Betty XXX pics ;) After jaw-dropping oral delights Atomic Betty waits to be nailed in her anal right now or ramming the aroused cock down her fuck addicted ass balls deep…

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